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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Esqueixada of Cod

I've always been intrigued by salt cod mainly because it's more a European thing and not found so easily in Australia. Presently surrounded by it here in France however and having been just given a recipe by our Spanish friends I couldn't resist making it.

The rules for this recipe apply to any amount of salt cod so buy as much as you need and soak it in plenty of cold water to cover for 24 hours - change the water regularly. Remove the fish from the water, pat dry and shred the flesh and remove any obvious bones. Skin and chop as many tomatoes as a balance to the amount of fish and slice two or three small red Spanish onions. Combine the three ingredients well then sprinkle over the very best olive oil you can find and place the dish in the fridge. It's best to serve this very cold and it's much better the next day or even the day after that so the flavours have a chance to mingle. Deliciously Spanish served with masses of french bread.
Although not in Kika's recipe I made it on another occasion and added some creamed garlic and finely chopped parsley. Either way it was great and seemed to last for days - a little goes a long way!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Confiture de Pasteque

Pasteque (watermelon in French) comes in three varieties: red seedless, red seeded and white winter melon. All three are suitable to make this sticky confiture to accompany duck and foie gras but the seeded variety should be avoided due to the labour involved in removing the seeds.

To every kilo of chopped watermelon flesh add 600g sugar, the zest of one orange and one lemon and a vanilla pod or two. Bring to the boil and slowly simmer until the liquid is reduced by two thirds, about an hour. Place a teaspoonful of jam on a saucer and place it in the refrigerator for a few minutes. If it sets quickly but is still pliable the jam is ready. Remove from the heat, cool and store in a sterilised jar. Use as a side dish for magret (duck breast) and foie gras or spread on toast for breakfast!