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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Weekly Post

Thanks for this recipe, Stewart and for giving us all a brand new day'dream!


As we have cruised the Barrier Reef for 20 years doing some 40,000 miles in Liberty we developed a special routine as we trolled for fresh fish out at sea.
Cruising at about 8 to 10 knots we would troll for tuna or Dolphin fish [ not Dolphins !]….when we had a strike it was all hand to the jobs assigned.

1. fish carefully brought aboard

2. fry pan on, a little olive oil.

3. fish filleted, no skin.

4. a plastic bag with flour and Keens mustard power in it , volume based on flour being a mild colour of yellow [to taste] …

5. fillet in bag …rolled about so the fillet is nicely covered

6. fillet into the hot pan, cooked quickly 2 or 3 minutes [ depends on filet size]

7. fish to the plate , a generous squeeze of Lemon fresh juice….salt to taste…

8. Enjoy….

9. then back to the cruisin'

Cheers, Stewart Ewen (from Broke)

This is a great idea from Ruth Bridgewood in Balmain, Sydney - it sounds delicious:

This “quick and easy” sauce recipe is great for week nights. Goes well with pork or lamb fillets. Serves 2.

½ cup port
½ cup orange juice
2 tblspns Dijon mustard

Quickly cook meat in pan, remove and keep warm. Mix together ingredients in a jug and pour into pan to deglaze, reduce (over high heat) by about half or two thirds.

A bit of butter and/or salt adds a little to the flavour, for those with no weight or health concerns!

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  1. Roger and I once spent 2 weeks cruising the Whitsundays - unfortunately, we only caught 1 (largeish) parrot fish, despite fishing every day... wish I had Stewart's "hands on deck" approach to cooking it! The mustard in the flour sounds great.