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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pedro Ximénez

If you see a recipe calling for PX and are not sure what it is look no further. Pedro Ximénez is a sweet sherry wine from Spain. We buy Romate’s Cardenal Cisneros from Jerez. PX has a dark, dense mahogany colour and is smooth, creamy and velvety with an intense flavour reminiscent of raisins. It is deliciously sweet and persistently lingers on the palate. Magnificent over ice cream, excellent with chocolate and although intended as an aperitif other uses include sweet and savoury sauces in place of normal sherry. Unless you have money to burn, do not use it for reduction purposes. Pedro Ximénez is very expensive and should be eeked out and every mouthful savoured. Enjoy it chilled, too.

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