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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Napkin folding - the Bishop's Mitre

I call cloth : napkins and paper: serviettes to make life easier but I am not correct here. The words napkin and serviette mean the same thing - it just depends where you are from and what your preference is. Their origins are from the French, German and Dutch. Lovely cloth napkins make such a difference to a table setting and are so much nicer than using paper but they are a lot of work to keep clean. There are many ways to fold them, here I've explained the Bishop's Mitre which never fails to appeal. My napkins are 50cm square (16 inches) but the bigger the piece of cloth the better. Large cloth napkins are very impressive. I hope you can make head and tail of this! Reading from left to right:

1. lay napkin on the bench
2. fold the napkin in half
3. fold bottom left corner into middle
4. fold top right corner into middle

1. the napkin is now in this position 2.turn napkin over and straighten up 3. fold napkin in half
4. make sure two points are sticking out

1. fold right hand flap in behind the front right point
2. turn napkin completely back to front and repeat so both flaps are secured
3. place your hand inside the bottom of the folded napkin and carefully position upright
4. position Bishop's Mitre on the table

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