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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Micro Herbs & Greens

If you can't buy them, grow them!

This summer in France I had great success growing my own micro herbs and micro greens. Now back in Australia I'm all sown up and harvesting daily!

Take a very good, preferably organic, seed raising mix and fill shallow trays to just below the surface and top up with a fine layer of vermiculite. Scatter seeds onto vermiculite but do not cover them just keep moist with a light spray of water, daily. Harvest approximatley seven days later with scizzors. The trick is to start another batch a few days after the first to ensure a constant supply. You could just use vermiculite and omit the seed raising mix but it is more expensive! Do not use the same growing matter for the next batch. Put spent matter in the composte and start again.

Micro herbs for garish: red amaranth, sweet basil, purple basil, chervil, parsley, corriander, purple radish, red mustard, baby beets, nasturtiums, celery, rocket, snowpeas, fennel, mint and thyme ... there's an endless list but best to grow what you'll use e.g. make Borscht, grow baby beets!

Micro greens for the salad bowl: cress, mesclun, mezula, buckwheat, swiss chard, watercress etc... plant the same way but give plants a longer life before harvesting. Ideally these should be larger if used in a salad.

Micro herbs and greens are an excellent source of essential vitamins, minerals, amnioacids, protein and calcium.

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  1. Your new blog is on its way. I looking forward to reading more, well done! A xx