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Friday, November 7, 2008

Orange Blossom Cordial

Capture the intoxicating perfume of orange blossom.

Take equal parts of sugar and water and heat gently to boiling point. Add 3og citric acid and 30g tartaric acid. Remove from heat and add washed and dried orange blossoms…. use as much or as little as you can manage to harvest – the greater the quantity the stronger the bouquet. Let syrup cool down and refrigerate over night. Strain and transfer to sterilized bottles. It keeps for months. Dilute with water for a refreshing, delicious drink. Serve with edible flowers frozen in ice cubes for colour and visual appeal.

Edible flowers: borage, nasturtiums, pea, heartease, calendula and corriander.

Tip: the cordial can be made without citric and tartaric acid but must be kept in the fridge
and used within one week.

Tip: add a shot of vodka and a few orange segments!

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