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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Black Currant Grapes

Sweet, succulent, black currant grapes are back in season, briefly. They are the sweetest, most succulent, jewel-like grapes of all. They look particularly good served on small, wooden Swedish boards normally used for herrings and other Scandinavian things. One grape bunch fits perfectly on each board with room for cheese and biscuits. A simple and elegant individual cheese platter allowing the black currant grapes centre stage.

Getting perspective was difficult when I photographed the filled boards so you need to know the boards are 16cm x 9cms and the grapes are complete bunches not bits cut off a large bunch. I served them with goat’s cheese but there is nothing to stop you adding another variety or two of cheese!

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  1. I agree. Their falvour is magic. These used to be the first grapes to ripen in the season, and we used to love them - just pulling them through your teeth to get all the berries, or even eating stems and all. But now they are very hard to come by. I rarely see them in the market, but did see some today at my local fruiterer, who said that he can now only get them from one supplier. I'm guessing that all the dried currants we buy for cooking come from overseas. I have a vine of my own, but it took me 2 years to find a nursery that had one - most of them didn't even know they existed, and kept trying to sell me black currant bushes.