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Sunday, February 28, 2010

glazed turnip

Surprise! Surprise!

I think we are all just a bit bored with garnishing plates the same old way so why not try something completely different to keep your guests guessing!

Peel and cut a raw turnip into tiny, same size pieces and cook them in 75ml of Campari over a very low heat until the Campari reduces completely and the turnip is cooked. This process takes roughly 15-20 minutes and at the end of which the saucepan bottom will be sticky and the turnip will be shiny with glaze. Watch the Campari does not reduce too quickly, add a dash more if necessary.

Young, small turnips have a slightly sweet taste while the Campari has an astringent, bittersweet flavour. One brings out the best in the other. Choose a dish that would benefit from the introduction of this garnish, perhaps pork belly, and enjoy this new sensation.

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