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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rosemary, I love you!

Rosemary is native to the Mediterranean area where is grows wild alongside that other favourite and multi-use herb, thyme. One whiff of smoke heavy with the scent of burning lemon and pine and I’m transported back to Spain where once we gathered large bunches to set ablaze on the barbeque. A member of the mint family rosemary is cultivated everywhere and has many uses other than culinary.  Once upon a time it was used as a remedy to cure ailments of the nervous system and any brunette will soon to tell you the benefit of hair rinsed in water infused with those long, silvery, aromatic needles.

Easter has to be the time for rosemary to come into its own when lamb is seldom off the menu and now is the time to gather the flowers too for later use in drinks or as a garnish especially on anything chocolate and to give fruit salads and egg dishes that certain something!

Pick each flower carefully and freeze in ice cube trays making sure to freeze the water in two stages otherwise the flowers will float to the surface and will be useless when the time comes to show off their beautiful colour and delicate shape.

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