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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Beetroot with Goat's cheese

This is a variation on a theme and just goes to show that deconstruction is still alive and kicking. My original recipe for beetroot with goat’s cheese is quite challenging and time consuming. Using the same ingredients but adding cucumber for variation and mint not thyme the dish this time round not only looks just as appealing but also saves time and the problem of finding opaque goat’s cheese - hard to come by outside France.

Ingredients to serve 4:

1 very large, very thinly sliced, cooked beetroot
½ peeled telegraph cucumber, thinly sliced
1 x 175g block of goat’s cheese, evenly and finely sliced
Baby beetroot leaves or micro herbs to garnish
Mint and olive oil to garnish


Peel and cut the beetroot and cucumber very thinly with a mandolin or a very sharp knife. Place a piece of beetroot on each plate and make alternating layers of cucumber and goat’s cheese to form small stacks. Finish by topping each stack with a slice of beetroot. You might find this easier using a ring mould.

Whiz a few sprigs of mint with 50ml olive oil in a blender or small food processor and drizzle over the top of each stack and sides of the each plate. Garnish with baby beetroot leaves or micro herbs pre moistened in olive oil so they look shiny.

Note: Mint oil made this way will not keep – discard any unused.

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